Unfortunely after two years. I didn’t quite have enough space to finish the South Island part of the blog. Which was 3 months explouring my country in March – June 2013 . So after exceeding my data limit. I have had to start a new blog.


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2 responses to “SOUTH ISLAND NZ

  1. Dear Adam,
    yes, we really had a great time on the walk with Helene, Manon and Niko and all the fellow companions walking the Routeburn. As I expected nothing for my birthday but great nature I was so overwhelmed by the experiences I made. It started in the morning with you having already started the fire so it was nice and cosy. Then Nini the Cheesemaker and John the Ranger invited me for a cup of tea, a cake and a birthday candle in the staff hut. Cheers to them for the great start the provided (if you read it: I look forward seeing you at your farm when the track closes down). I was glad I caught up with you on the Conical hill so we could finish the walk together. You really made my day perfect by celebrating my birthday with an unexpected serenade and all the lighters. And thanks to Nini we had a bag of marshmallows to made it merry appropriately.
    The day when we had to leave you behind was adventurous and impressive. Due to the heavy rain we had to cross 15 (!) waterfalls. Some very small and some impressively big. The Earland fall was awesome but turned out to be the shower we missed at the hut. After the crossing even my underwear was wet. Another water fall was just pouring into my shoes. The squeezing and squelching of my toes transformed it finally into a warm water tub. When we arrived at the Divide we changed into the last dry clothes we had and waited for the bus to come (what felt like years). After Laura the Irish girl and me arrived in Queenstown we decided to look for a restaurant and we found a nice place to enjoy our really nice meal. Luckily everybody was nice enough to ignore that we were wearing pajamas and jandals and couldn’t take the huts off because of the unwashed hair.

    I’m lucky you have made it back to the bright side 🙂 with Thibault (I googled his name because I didn’t know who to write it). Where are you heading now?

    It was so nice meeting you, I read a lot of your blog today and I wish you all the best for the next trip, keep me posted. I showed the pictures of you and the video on youtube to my children and even though they are so young they were impressed and said “He must have turned older when it took years to cycle all the way”. Logical thinking. They want to meet you. Maybe you can join us on your way back up to Wellington in Dunedin. I will send you the phone number by email. You are welcome to stay with us. See you. Nina

  2. Hi Adam!

    American girl from Kepler Track here. (:

    It was great meeting you on the South Island and chatting to you about your adventures on our way up to the Luxmore Hut. Your journey and perseverance are truly inspiring! And good on you for keeping your blog so up to date. It’s very informative! Now I have no excuses not to start planning my own cycling trip.


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