INTRODUCTION. I thought I was the crazy one in the family. But Adam you take the mustard!’ said my sister.

After 13 years away, come the 2nd April, I will be heading home to New Zealand and what better way to go than by bike. Seeing a bit more of the world at the same time.


I’m not out to beat any speed records taking 12-13 months to cycle the 18000 km to New Zealand. I actually want to see and do things along the way. I may be raising money for Asthma UK………But firstly it is a challenge I’m doing for myself.

The easiest thing about this trip is reading off the countries I’m cycling through. After that it just gets harder and harder. Preparation has been intense I need to plan for every eventuality. I have been suffering from information overload. This will be the least of my worries once the bike is loaded. Because of some of the places and countries I intend to go to I need to be totally self-sufficient for the duration of the trip. This means having

Tajikistan 5 143

to carry everything from a tent, cooking gear, water, food and spares for the bike. Since I am going solo I will not be able to share the load with another person.

Once on the road I know things are going to be far from easy. Cycling long days, day in and day out…….in the wind, the rain, the cold, the heat, up and across mountains, camping in the wild along the way, trying to get visas and then trying to cross the borders, fixing broken parts on the bike etc. I will no doubt be lonely, missing my family and friends, missing a real bed or even a real house and all the comforts that go with it. However, I am sure that the scenery and the thrill of the adventure will make up for this.

Southern China 2 120

This is going to be a hugely mentally and physical challenge.
Currently, I experience all the emotions. I’m excited just thinking about it but also nervous and even a little scared.
The key to my success will be small steps: one country at a time or realistically one day at a time.
I won’t be cycling to Dover thinking only another 17890 km to go.
More than likely – cheers – that’s another mile in the bank. Goodbye my own spare tyre.
Making sure there are more positives then negatives.
Eating healthily
Pacing myself……………I’m not in a hurry. If after 12 months I am only as far as Singapore……..I have no problem getting on a plane. In fact I may need to use public transport at some other stage just to get myself out of a country before the visa expires to avoid being arrested.
But most importantly your support will get me there..

Iran9 019

I have a rough idea for a route. it was hard because I wanted to go everywhere. I have tried to make it as direct as possible. The route I have chosen appeals to me because it takes me through countries not so travelled and that will add to the challenge. I’m realistic that things may have to change due to things out of my control such as natural disasters, unstable political climate or even loss of bike.

One thing I know is I am going to truly have the adventure of my life and I look forward to sharing it with you

Golden rule………..never cycle back.

One response to “INTRODUCTION

  1. G’day Adam – we admire your spirit of adventure and hope to meet up some time in the future. Good luck and safe travelling! If you get anywhere near Melbourne, don’t forget there is always a spare bed here, and you’re always welcome to stay.

    Inno & Sue

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