The initial set up cost of this trip is just under £3,000………….I could have brought two return flights to New Zealand for this price. But I wouldn’t be getting the adventure.The most expensive thing has been the bike (Surley Long Haul Trucker) was just under £1000.
Upgrade tyres £100
Good quality Tubus racks, Vaude Panniers front and back, a Handle bar bag and bottle racks £350.
Camping Equipment: Tent, Sleeping bag, Inflatable mattress, Gas stove and pots and pans £300
Clothing: Gore Tex Jacket, Gore cycling top, pants, shorts, socks etc. £400.
Spares: Tyres, chain, brake pads etc. £100
Electrical: GPS, net book £400
Insurance: £300.
Vaccinations and medication: £60
Visas: £150 (min £500 in total)
Once on the road I will look at a weekly budget of about £200. Though I do hope I could get away with £150 or slightly less. The most expensive part of the trip will be getting out of Europe. Later on I will need to purchase some flights (i.e. from Australia to New Zealand).
I hope to keep the cost down by camping in the wild along the way.

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