Even before I had finished my last adventure, Cycling from London to New Zealand (2011 to 2013) I was thinking of the next adventure the next challenge.
Having been quoted in more than a few News Papers and on TV. I am again passed the point of no return. Realistically I wouldn’t say something I didn’t think I could see through.

In June 2015 I will set off from the most Northern Navigable pubic road near Prudhoe Alaska. Just below the Arctic Circle on another 2 year adventure that will see me cycle through Canada, America, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile on my way down to Ushuara Argentina, Most Southern point of main land South America.

Since I am Asthmatic I will again raise money for Asthma along the way. Giving more meaning to my trip. I may now have experience. But there is always still going to be some degree of unknown. After some research I am slightly terrified with the thought of having to deal with Wild Bears as I camp out in the open in Alaska and the rest of North America. Armed bandits in central and South America are all so a concern. The 5000 meter passes in South America will be a challenge. I won’t let any of this deter me and look forward to again sharing my experiences on what should be another 2 wonderful years of adventure…………..The Golden rule remains the same. Never cycle back.



above was published in Vietweek. One of Vietnams weekly Newspapers for Expats on Monday 5th of March 2012.
Here is the link to the online article.



December 2012 The Star. Brisbanes Bay Side and Northern Side Newspaper.


Wellingtons DomPost. March 2013

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